Companion Construction has been meeting their clients’ needs and expectations since 1984. Companion is active in many facets of the construction industry including assembly and institutional occupancy buildings, assisted living, seismic upgrades, heritage, tenant improvement and residential projects.

As Companion Construction endeavors to become your first choice as you select your contractor, the management team at Companion knows that for any project to succeed, communication needs to be clear and respect earned. These attributes may seem far from the fiscal bottom line, but Companion realizes that for a budget or contract to be worth the paper it is written on, integrity is job one.

Integrity at Companion means that all of the information you receive via their staff, from the very outset, is honest and leads to your informed decision making. The ability of the management team to understand complex processes and make them understandable to the project team/ owner and to be able to quantify and put numbers to the required elements is due to the experience and knowledge of Companion’s skilled staff.

The current construction industry necessitates the ability to embrace process. From the pre-development stage to the commissioning stage, careful process management translates into successful execution, satisfied owners and a fulfilled project team.

Whether the project mandates a stipulated lump sum bid requirement or consideration is made for a Construction Management model, Companion will work to achieve a quality product and a professional relationship that inspires trust and long-term working relationships.

Company Profile

Companion provides both tangible and intangible value to its clients, and fair, meaningful, safe employment to their staff. If it is your future home that is being built, Companion will build it with care and attention respecting your budget and expectations. If it is your new school or care facility, Companion will know that the work being done must hold to the highest standards. Companion realizes that time schedules and budgets are important and always seek construction methods which will enable you to achieve project delivery targets.

Construction Management

The Construction Manager

In order to achieve a successful outcome to a project, the Owner, Consultants and the Construction Manager must work in a coordinated and proactive effort. As Construction Managers, Companion’s primary responsibility is to provide control over schedule and budgetary requirements and to facilitate the construction of the project

The dynamic created by Owner’s requirements, Consultant’s design concepts and issues that arise during actual construction is an ongoing challenge to the Construction Manager. To ensure that the schedule and budgetary commitments are met and that design intentions are carried out, Companion is involved in a daily capacity on all projects from inception to commissioning.

As Construction Managers, Companion also works closely with and strives to foster a positive and mutually beneficial working relationship with Municipal agencies. City planning officials, engineers and inspection personnel are all seen as an integral part of any project.

General Contracting

Cost certainty can be an important criterion for construction projects. Companion can meet this challenge by providing firm pricing for the work considered by the owner. Even as new construction models are developed, such as blended construction management contracts with upset guarantees or design build, Companion makes every effort to find the right fit and great outcomes for the client.

Construction Services

Following is a general list of construction services that can be provided by Companion:

Pre Construction

  • Assist in the selection of project consultants
  • Chair design meetings
  • Coordinate system selections with consultants
  • Obtain owner’s space planning requirements
  • Coordinate all permits and approvals required to proceed with construction
  • Analysis of working drawings as to construction methods and details
  • Pre-qualification and pre-selection of trade contractors and suppliers
  • Preparation and distribution of trade tender packages
  • Review and analysis of tenders received
  • Provision and analysis of cost saving alternatives derived through tenders
  • Facilitation of utility connections
  • Preparation of final estimate and recommended trade selection list
  • Preparation of the master schedule
  • Preparation of cash flow projection
  • Consultation with quantity surveyors to ensure appropriate project funding
  • Exemption of HPO requirements (Companion is certified in good standing with the HPO)

During Construction

  • Chair regular site meetings
  • Facilitate processing of all shop drawings
  • Obtain Worksafe BC clearance for all subcontractors
  • Enforce safety standards on the site
  • Provide full time construction supervision of subcontractors and own forces
  • Produce regular schedule updates
  • Provide monthly cost reports
  • Coordinate temporary facilities, transportation and storage of materials, interfacing of trade sections and control of work sequence
  • Monitor all work to ensure compliance with respect to design and specifications
  • Coordinate all necessary testing and inspections
  • Ensure accurate distribution of site instructions by owner and consultants
  • Prepare and issue subcontracts
  • Prepare and issue purchase orders for subcontracts , tools and materials
  • Prepare and issue change orders as required due to design alterations
  • Process all invoices on a monthly basis with holdback calculations and payment authorization
  • Obtain necessary occupancy permits from municipal authorities
  • Coordinate with owner’s administration for start up and commissioning

Post Construction

  • Coordinate assembly of as-built drawings and maintenance manuals
  • Obtain Worksafe BC clearance for all subcontractors
  • Ensure a timely completion of all deficiencies
  • Facilitate release of statutory holdbacks
  • Liaise with coordinating professional to obtain all consultant’s schedules
  • Coordinate the removal of all temporary facilities

Project Management

As Companion continues to provide thorough construction services, it recognizes that often the needs of the owner extend beyond the descriptions of a standard construction contract. To address these needs, Companion now provides Project Management services. This work can include overseeing and completing feasibility studies, implementing contracts, and providing review of completed work with the interests of the owner firmly maintained. Project management by Companion can lead to a seamless construction process as the complete project, from initial concept to final commissioning, is monitored and constructed by one firm. This facilitates streamlined project completion and easier consultant communications as the project team is established at the outset and sees the project through to a timely conclusion.

Design Services

Companion can provide clients with in-house CAD resources. Through its relationship with Willow Creek Designs, Companion offers complete design services including initial concept design, feasibility reviews, 3D modeling, graphic presentation, various scopes of building permit plan submissions, tenant improvement design, millwork and equipment layout and shop-drawing capabilities.

These services are meant to augment the work of professional consultants and allow for quick implementation of client and project requirements.

Blueprint/3D Render
3D Render


Companion utilizes several different resources to successfully complete a project. These can be broken down into Administrative and Personnel.


  • Planning and scheduling are done utilizing computerized project management software. Project schedules can be updated regularly to reflect current project status.
  • Estimating is done utilizing customized spreadsheet software and the CSI Masterformat, allowing updates as design criteria dictate
  • Costing and cash flow are tracked on an ongoing basis utilizing comprehensive accounting software linked to the estimating spreadsheet software
  • Purchase and change orders are issued and tracked using a spreadsheet format that allows immediate “snapshots” of budgetary burdening
  • All site offices are equipped with telephone, fax and internet communication, allowing field and office to remain in constant contact


  • The construction coordinator is responsible for scheduling, budget compliance and to facilitate the construction process
  • The site superintendent is responsible for the day to day operations on the job site; this includes the areas of quality control, safety and security of the site. All of Companion’s sites always receive full time supervision
  • Companion provides first-aid services to the job site. It is the first-aid attendant’s responsibility to ensure compliance by all personnel to a comprehensive Occupational Health and Safety program
  • Companion utilizes own forces labour and tradesmen to supplement subcontractor’s forces as required on the job site


David Goertz, President

P: 778.882.8644

David founded Companion Construction Ltd. in 1984 after graduating from the Geomatics Engineering Technology program at the British Columbia Institute of Technology. Since this time, he has been actively involved in the company. David handles the financial aspects of the day to day operations of the company as well as maintaining principle oversight of the construction management process. David has an extensive background in all aspects of the construction process for both commercial and residential projects and is the key liaison between Companions Construction and its clients.

David Wootton, Project Coordinator

P: 604.202.8681

David has been involved in the construction industry since graduating form the Structural and Civil Engineering program at the British Columbia Institute of Technology in 1991. David has hands-on experience in many aspects of commercial and residential construction that complement his extensive project management and design skills. At Companion Construction Ltd., David specifically manages contract administration, procurement, and liaises with design personnel and municipal office.

Gary Janzen, Site Manager

P: 604.339.9103

Gary brings a family history in the construction industry with him to the job site each day. Having risen through the industry ranks from carpenter to now having been Companion Construction’s primary site manager since 1998, Gary is acutely aware of each stage and all the component parts of the on-site construction process. In addition to his site management role, Gary also provides estimates and IT support. His careful attention to detail and ability to remain continually cognizant of the end goal helps Gary see the project through to successful completion.

Eric Meyers, Site Superintendent

P: 604.831.7084

Eric matches his easy-going demeanor with his enthusiasm for completing a given task and therefore turns the job-site into a place of concerted effort. Having worked both as an independent renovator and carpenter/ foreman, keeps Eric mindful of the trade perspective and allows him to anticipate the challenges ahead for each project. Eric has worked in his capacity as a site superintendent for Companion since 2004.


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